Friday, April 19, 2013


My garden ends in this funny little triangle. I have long wanted to make a bean tee pee for the kids, so today I thought I'd try and wee experiment...
 Joa and I went into the field next door and cut lots of long lengths of willow that is growing there.
 Andy had made planters all around the edge of the garden. So I stuck the ends of the willow branches as deeply as I could into the planters
and tied the tops over. In a few weeks when the weather is more stable (please!) we will plant a little bean seed at the bottom of each branch and come the summer I imagine a shady and delicious den at the bottom of the garden. My garden guru also said the willow might well grow. So we will watch this living den with interest and see if my vision fulfills itself.
 the kids certainly find it a perfect place to eat a post school ice cream :-)
 The post man delivered a parcel today from a dear friend, in it among other things, this beautiful yarn, which I will knit into something for me,
 and lots of lovely pieces of fabric and some very brilliant 'cat agent' sew on badges for the kids. Happiness!
 We made pasta salad for lunch
 which we ate in the garden.
 I got another present from another friend (my lucky day today!) a vegetarian haggis brought back from a recent trip to Scotland.

Today was so lovely, filled with these wee moments of pure bliss, happiness, joy, carefree, love.

 There seems to have been time for everything and the evening sun is setting and the peace continues,
bodes well for a good weekend, which is what I wish for you x


  1. Oh how special - I've always wanted a bean teepee, you've just re inspired me. We planted beans and peas in seed trays on Wednesday, so that's what we'll do with them!

    Did your pressie from me arrive yet??

    Happy weekend dear friend xxx

  2. So lovely. Can't wait to see the bean hut grow!