Friday, April 12, 2013

this week...

there has been an abundance of:

I finished this very sweet little custom boy doll. I have also come to a sort of decision about my doll making that I will think a bit more about before sharing it here. But because of that I would love to clear my shop, so am offering 50% off what is left there, using the coupon code SALE123.

 practicing embroidery stitches for a project I want to start soon

There has been lots of  baking, making and cooking:
 cashew nut and dried fruit bars
feta cheese and spinach quiche
  mung bean and rice soup (Joa was supervising the making of this right next to where I keep the camera... hence the photo)
 Short bread biscuits to give to our friends the bin men who very kindly brought the kids Easter eggs on Monday

There has been lots of weather: the beginning of the week cold and wet and windy
 a very wet walk

 the wind blasting the sea foam up over the cliffs onto the path

There has been some (but not too much) cleaning...
 with fabulous shoes
and there has been time for me...

Hope your week was just as lovely and that the weekend is filled with joy and laughter x


  1. Those stripes! Laura! You have the best eye for doll making. (:

    Our weather has just been hot. Hot, hot, hot. And now hot and rainy. Yay, Florida. Thank all the powers I have my spinning wheel and a happily whirling ceiling fan (and coffee..oh! and the brownies that I just made!).

    Have a great weekend!

    1. wow, there is a bit of a difference in the weather here lol! thanks sweetheart x

  2. Sweet little embroidery stitches. And of course your dolls are always super sweet too.
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend Laura!

  3. Lovely pictures again. Looks like the mindfulness is going well too. x

    1. hi julie, yes it is i am managing to meditate and do some yoga most mornings and it really sets me up for the day :-)