Sunday, May 19, 2013

sunday bliss

 On Sundays the children go to their dad's house. Often I try to work during this time, but as I approach the end of my custom doll list I find I have more time to do other things.
 I had found time to finish this doll yesterday so I decided to take the day off today, to relax and mess about.
 I found myself out in the garden in glorious spring sunshine (eventually) this morning and thought that I would add some more weaving to the willow/bean/pea den. It was such fun, I really enjoyed weaving the branches in and out of each other, the sun on my back and the sound of bird song and laughter from people walking to the woods in my ears.
 It was playing really, not work
 I am pleased with how it has turned out, no I am very pleased with out it looks and feels
 so pleased that I spent an hour sipping tea and reading in it when I was finished.
Another delightful thing about Sundays is that I can cook and eat very mindfully, not having to keep jumping up and getting something for one of the kids.
 colourful chard grown in the green house that I chopped up with some spinach (also from the green house) and wild garlic from the woods to make into a quiche
Sunday Bliss!


  1. What a wonderful day and I love the den and am inspired - we're thinking of cutting back our willow and have the perfect corner in the garden to build a den like this for the children.

    1. oh brilliant Cerys, ours has been used as a football goal all day today, I wonder what other games it will inspire :-)