Thursday, June 20, 2013

Benny's 5th Birthday

started at 5.15 am (eeek!)

 the morning sunlight was streaming in through the window as I lit 5 candles on the birthday ring and we sang Happy Birthday.
 He opened his presents from me, a much desired scooter that we picked out a few weeks ago and has been waiting for him on top of the cupboard. He was climbing up on chairs to peek at it everyday in feverish anticipation.
 A book, The Wildest Brother, that he had been longing to read

a very sweet picture painted for him by his little brother.
He scootered to pre-school this morning where they sang for him too and celebrated with little cakes we had made. Andy picked him up and brought him back for a birthday tea party lunch and more presents.
 Rebe decorated this ice cream cake for him (he is having a wee party on Saturday and I am making a proper cake for that, and what with Joa's birthday cake on Monday, I just couldn't face making another, so this was a great compromise...)
 perfect to have with Benny's jelly
 The afternoon was all about playing with new toys and when we were all dropping with tiredness we watched some Wallace and Gromit sent by a dear special lady.
Oh my dear Benny, my wise little guru boy. How much you have grown this year. You are tall and strong in your body, but you are brimming with yourself. A new confidence. You introduce yourself so sweetly to new play mates, you are so kind and will give anything you have. You are very thoughtful and like to make sure you understand everything. If you ask me a questions and I answer 'u-huh', you say quietly to yourself 'u-huh, that means yes'. Or if Rebe says' forever', you say 'that means loads of days and loads of nights'. My heart is so full of you, you are light and peace for me. You have this very special gift of being able to give a 'calm down cuddle' and it really works. You give yourself completely to me when I need a hug, content to just be and to hug. You still love green and you really love armadillo's. You love being outside and I often watch you without you knowing it, sneaking into the greenhouse and nibbling away at lettuces and rocket and peas. This next year will be a big one for you, it will be demanding being a school boy, and I hope for you that it is filled with joy and laughter and friendship. I love you Benny x x


  1. Oh Laura, what a blessing he is! Happy, happy birthday!!! HUGS

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Benny- 5 is so big!