Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday making

Rebe made a lemon cake, all by herself this morning...before 8am!

Benny got his first invitation to a party today, so we made the wee boy a felt space play-scape

the planets each have a pocket into which the rocket and the alien can land

the boys enjoyed it before we parceled it up and gave it to the Birthday boy

i made yeast spelt bread and lovely soup with spinach and fresh turmeric

started yesterday and finished today Rebe made herself a doll, she's not happy with the hair and wants to restyle it but she's very sweet!

2 smart Birthday ties for a certain wee man's 5th Birthday later in the week. I took pictures of the process this time so will make a tutorial for you soon.

the most heavenly pizza ever for dinner: spelt base, red pesto and a mixture of vegan and goats cheese, served with a big green salad oh my!

And don't worry the boys did make things too, mostly a massive big mess, no make that 2, no make that 3....  
Happy Weekend to you all x


  1. what a truly perfect homey day x

    1. it is in blog land, but in real life the kids were wild and over excited and over tired, so there were also lots of crazy tantrums and argument, but it was still lovely in real life :-)