Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The weather has broken and it's raining again and so our play has returned indoors. 
The dug out house on Plum Creek and Pa playing his fiddle by Rebe
A few months ago a dear friend of ours gifted us On the Banks of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder, we have never read any of her books before and we are really enjoying it. The kids can't stop talking about it, the characters, what is happening in the story. Benny is enthralled with Pa and Rebe loves Laura (of course). To bring the experience even more alive we are so lucky to have a copy of this cd, also given to us by the same friend. The kids really think that it is Pa playing his fiddle and the family singing on the cd.

dancing to the Arkansas Traveller
 Yesterday we just got to the part where there was a plague of grasshoppers that ate everything the family had. We've been so worried about the family all day. Benny said that if daddy gave him any pocket money he would send it straight to them if they were still alive. Gosh, it just shows how much the kids take in and internalize what they hear and see, even something fictional! But we are pretty sure that they will be ok, after all Pa has just set off to find some work and it has rained there too :-)

 There has been lots of elaborate (messy) play. They have played schools quite a lot.
This is Thomas, he is a school boy who basically runs backwards and forwards between home and school with a bag on his back. Seems quite an exhausting way to be a school boy to me :-)
 Pirates in a boat with their fearsome cannon
and I don't know what this game was...but there is no way I am clearing it up (well today anyway!)


  1. I love all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books and used to watch the programmes as a child, I think I cried during each one. I am reading them to my daughter now and she loves to hear about the way they had to hunt and store all their food for the long winter ahead. Bee x

    1. we are really flying through it, it so easy to read and beautiful descriptions of nature and everyday life, we'll definitely be reading the others in the series :-)

  2. Laura,
    you wrote "fictional", and I just wanted to make sure that you knew that all the Little House books are autobiographical.....
    lovely books... I wish I could find my set right now....

    1. hello dear you :-) yes I know they are (I guessed by the name lol) but what I meant was that for the kids it is no less real than real life because we are reading it out of an illustrated book, if you see what I mean x

  3. Oh Laura, I love this whole post. I really smiled at the fearsome pirate's canon!
    We also love the little house books- and thank you for the link to that cd, it looks fabulous! HUGs you