Saturday, June 29, 2013

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We are finally on summer holidays. The last weeks of term were just so busy and full. Both of the boys had their birthdays and Benny had his first Birthday party to which he had invited 5 little friends.
sugar armadillo's, top hats and rice crispy cakes for the party
Benny's birthday cake
 On top of that Benny had his last day ever at pre-school and there was a little celebration for that. Rebe had her last day of school, Benny had a trial visit to big school. I also had to take the car to be tested for it's NCT and Benny had a follow up appointment at the hospital to check his hearing (which has vastly improved since he had grommets inserted before Christmas).

All of this really took it's toll on me and I burnt out feeling very tired and very lonely. We had planned to go camping for a few nights in west cork, taking in an open air theater show and the sculpture garden we so love, but it felt way too much for me and although the kids were very disappointed we decided that I really couldn't manage it. So instead we have been resting and relaxing.
a picture Rebe took of one of her adventure kits
 There have been 'adventure' games at home. These involve a lot of planing and packing and very little actual adventuring, but I guess the fun is all in the planning.

And we have spent the last 3 days on the beach. The weather has been wonderful and we have packed lunches and buckets and spades, I have taken my knitting and a good book and we have luxuriated in the sunshine, gentle breezes and open space to play.
freshly baked focaccia eaten warm in the sunshine

I feel so much better, happy and peaceful and well rested. We have nothing more planned for the whole week, until Thursday when we are travelling to the UK for a 2 week holiday. Thank goodness for sunshine and holidays and the beach!

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  1. It all looks so lovely!!! What sweet Armadillos- Benny has great taste :)