Monday, March 29, 2010

crafts galore

We had another very productive day yesterday...
After doing a bit of house work including washing the car and boat and feeding the ducks we put Benny up for his nap and Rebe and I spent the afternoon crafting.
We blew some eggs (I nearly did myself damage doing this!) and then Rebe painted them. I'll get around to putting ribbon through them sometime today I hope and we can hang them with our other egg decorations.

After the eggs we got out the felt scraps. I made another 'Bok' for a little friend of ours and Rebe made Andy this gnome.She did it all by herself, apart from one little bit of the hat. It's so nice to sit together and quietly create.
While I was out at my midwifes appointment a parcel arrived from Bubs in it was this just stunning dress for Rebe. The colours will match her kisses and cuddles cardigan beautifully. I just love it!Benny got his own little kisses and cuddles cardi, including sweet cat buttons. The photos do neither any justice! I'll get picture of them with the kids in them. In the pockets were more surprises; a lolly and a packet of seeds! There was also a substantial Easter Bunny package that's been hidden away until the weekend. We're so grateful to Bubs and love her 'too millions'.
As I said I had a midwives appointment today. It was lovely, my midwife is always so nice and I was with her for an hour just chatting mostly. Everything is going really well. I'm 30 weeks now. Head is down and baby is not too big (thank god, something I've been a bit paranoid about this time round). So here I am at 30 weeks...
Right off to make lunch, spaghetti soup is on the menu :-)


  1. You look wonderful!!!
    Rebe's little felt person is so adorable!

  2. Melanie: Thanks! I feel very haggard looking but since I put Henna in my hair a week ago I've had so many comments on how well I look! It's miracle stuff I tell you!
    Nicole: Thanks on behalf of Rebe, she was delighted with it herself. We hung it in the car to look after us all and to remind daddy of her while he's at work!

  3. henna, huh? Hmmm. . .maybe I'll have to think about that for me!