Friday, May 7, 2010

bibbic bears and secret paintings

One of the books we borrowed from the library recently is one called 'Biscuit Bear', oddly enough it's about a biscuit bear. Anyway, the kids and I have been threatening to make our own batch of biscuit bears for a while now. So what better incentive than a message from my dear friend Vicci with a great biscuit recipe. They were a bit tricky to roll out, especially as I had to try and work quicker than the 'tasters'. But they worked fine and we decorated them with raisins.

Our finished batch
they are very scrummy! Thanks for the recipe Vics!

During quiet time Rebe wanted to do some painting. She had come across 'secret paintings' in one of our craft books and wanted to give it a go.
You draw on your picture with a candle. You can't see the picture until you wash over it with very watered down paint.

We had great fun making secret paintings for each other.

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