Tuesday, May 11, 2010

getting ready

I feel like I'm starting to be ready for this wee one to arrive. Here's the first outfit drawer that my mum organised while she was here
The newly lined moses basket (thanks again Bubs!) and today my home birth pack was delivered (cardboard box behind the basket). I'll be 37 weeks on Friday, so anytime after that I'm happy to 'go', as my midwife will come out to me then.

Bedside reading.
I need to get a few more things together for the actual birth, I'll do that over the next week or so and then I can relax and just wait for it to happen.
Other than getting ready we've been doing some of this...

using feathers and ink to write with

using pen and face to write with (grrr!)

walking in our woods, the bluebells are nearly all out now and it's like a fairy tale!
looking in rock pools and to Benny's delight finding winkles which he thinks are 'naynails' (snails). Snails are a slight obsession of Benny's at the moment. He found one outside playgroup 2 weeks ago and has been talking about them ever since. Finding these was a delight. He's been modeling them out of playdough and drawing them (or what he says are snails). And how pleased was he when he found this one crawling up the garden chair! He quickly brought it in to show me...


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  1. Ack! I am so excited for you! It is Friday today as I type this, so I am hoping you are still pregnant so that you can home birth!
    I love that basket for the baby. :)
    I love all the other pictures- and your Benny has such a beautiful face!
    Okay, now I'm going to be checking here frequently for baby updates. . . :)