Sunday, May 16, 2010

life's a beach

We've had a really beachy weekend, the weathers been lovely and there is nothing better to do than spend time playing and digging and paddling.
Our dear friends from Cobh came to visit us today. Here is a picture of 'the triplets'. Since the twins were around 2 they have shared hair colour (and often style) size and shape with Rebe. Quite often their mummy and I have to double take who is who.

Which one is Rebe?
We had a lovely, full day with them.

I finished Rebe's cardigan last night, blocked it over night and sewed on the buttons this morning. She was delighted and wanted to wear it straight away (even though it clashes horribly with her dress). I'm really pleased how it came out.
Andy spend the morning darkening the kids room, hanging some curtains he bought yesterday. After lunch he suggested we go to a 'pirates' beach. The kids were delighted so we packed up a few essentials and went. After many twisty turns we found it...

Andy returned some unused bait crabs to the rock pools. The kids were fascinated.

Benny has no fear at all and was in charge of picking the big boys up and putting them in the water.

Then to his utter delight he discovered loads of 'naynails' (snails) in the wall.

'oooo bick bab' looking at all the crabs he'd put back.

Rebe played her horse game where she goes galloping off in training. Of course they lasted about 7 minutes fully dressed and were nude and in the water and making sand pies in no time. It was a great wee bay; completely sheltered from the wind and we had it all to ourselves! Unbelievable really especially as our wee beach back home was pretty packed when we returned.


I caught Rebe and Andy having a good old dance (to Elvis and INXS) when we got home.

Here is Rebe's first wee harvest from the seeds she planted. We had this rocket and coriander in our sandwiches at tea time...yummy!
Hope you all had lovely weekends too.


  1. You are so lucky, living where you do! How beautiful it is- I love the ocean but have not been to it in a long time. Across from our house we have a beautiful lake, so I should be thankful. . .
    I love the sweater you made for Rebe, it is gorgeous!
    So no baby yet. . .? How are you feeling?

  2. Hi Melanie, feeling good thanks! Still lots of energy and happiness here. I am so thankful for living here. It's like heaven on earth and I love being so close to the sea. I have always lived by the sea and think I would miss it too much if away from it. Your place looks like paradise too! How are you? How is bp? Would it bring on an early labour?

  3. I'm doing fine, thanks Laura! High bp wouldn't bring on labor, but could be a reason for induction. . . .hopefully we won't get to that point.