Wednesday, May 19, 2010

this sort of day...

We woke up to this sort of day.... very damp and very misty. So we had this sort of morning...
making dens (can't keep the belly out of pictures)

slug hunting

Benny loved this and is just about as in love with slugs as he is with snails. He kept bringing them in to show me while I was having breakfast...put me right off my muesli!

However as the morning went on the mist started to fade and we decided to go for a stroll through the village to the shop...why don't you come with us...

That is the wee estate in which we live, behind the caravan park, that is why I called this blog 'Nestled Under Rainbows' I feel we are truly nestled in those woods.

I love our wee post box

This is the main street. What is so cool/ weird about it is that the road separates the houses from their gardens. Each house has a corresponding garden. I don't think it'd suit me having a road to cross every time I wanted to go out,

On the other hand there is direct access to the beach from your garden so it does have it's plus points.

It's an old, old village

Here is Rebe coming back from investigating (well kicking) a dead fish... nearly home...

and I suppose you should see my view!
Hope you enjoyed your wee walk in our village!

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