Monday, May 3, 2010

choo choo

We went to West Cork Model Railway Village today. We had other plans, but they were thwarted by it being a bank holiday and nothing being open and Benny being in a super bad mood. So we decided to scrap our original plans and we went to enjoy this instead. It was brilliant.
We loved looking at the little towns and villages Check out the market!

We looked and chased the little trains around

We played on the stepping stones

And climbed in the playground

The very kind driver of the Tschu Tschu train let the kids sit in the drivers seat for a pretend.

We took the Tschu Tschu around Clonakilty town. It was very interesting and Bubs was definitely the most excited of everyone in the train. Even Rebe told her to calm down a bit (that's 2 generations she's managed to embarrass!) Benny was so tired he fell asleep on my knee.
But that meant he had a bit more energy to enjoy the rest of our trip.
We revived with scones and coffee in a converted train carriage cafe.

Then we played with the stones in the picnic area and went indoors to the soft play area to get rid of any last scrap of energy we had before returning home.

Bubs and I have made great progress too sorting all the baby things. We did our first wash of tiny little things and have sorted through bags, rearranged furniture and made lists of things still to get. Little tiny nighties flapping on the line :-)

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