Sunday, May 9, 2010

feeling goood

I've been feeling really good the past few days, lots more energy and much happier generally. It also helps that the sun has been shining down again, albeit through a very strong wind.
Andy had to drop the car off at the garage (again) yesterday and brought back lots of cuttings from his walk home to show Rebe. a wee nature lesson, they love this time together.
They planted them, hoping that they will root for us. Check out Rebe's wind swept hair!

All the lovely cuttings sunning themselves.
During quiet time Rebe and I decided to do something about our pin board, which yet again looks like this...
We got this idea from Kids Crafts Weekly ( a brilliant newsletter I would recommend to anyone with young kids).

Choose the pictures you want to be 'recycled'. We trimmed the edges and made different shapes with the scissors.

You then fold your picture like a concertina. Take a large pipe cleaner and fold in half, make a loop about 1 cm from the middle. Make a second, then secure your concertina picture, then make one more loop for the head, leaving enough pipe cleaner to make antennae.

We looped some ribbon in ours so we could hang them up.

We now have a window full of a butterflies.

(and a much tidier pin board)

When Benny woke up we went down to the beach for a bit of a play.

The wagon was brilliant for transporting everything we needed, it was great fun, and I got some knitting done.
Talking of knitting, here are a couple of pairs of shorties I finished for Benny, I eventually lanoised and blocked them.

Here's the dude modeling the brown ones looking his usual odd self (how I love this little boy!).

And finally; well, I am starting to believe the end(of this pregnancy) is nigh. I do feel so much better, really refreshed and energised (all that good rest while Bubs was here). Also last night while I was watching a movie with Andy I was very uncomfortable and I could feel my pelvis shifting and nerves getting snagged and when I stood up to go to bed I looked down and found my bump to be substantially smaller. I tried to get a picture to compare, but I don't know if it's that obvious, but they baby has def moved. I could nearly sleep on my back last night I had so much lung space. Very exciting, although I would like to get to 37 weeks (are you listening little Angel baby!) so that I can home birth. Anyway, what do you think is it obvious I've dropped?


  1. Wow, you really do look different! I am excited for you!
    I love the butterflies in the windows, my kids would love this. I also love the shorties for Benny- and he looks so adorable in them!
    hugs :)

  2. Thanks Melanie! The butterflies were a good way to keep our pictures without having to have millions stacked everywhere. I'm really pleased with how the shorties came out, am doing a pair for the wee one at the moment, although I might make them longies. Doing lots of cleaning at the moment..maybe nesting?