Thursday, May 20, 2010

in and out the dusty bluebells

Where the bluebells and the wind are,
Fairies in a ring I spied,
And I heard a little linnet
Singing near beside.
Where the primrose and the dew are,
Soon were sped the fairies all:
Only now the green turf freshens
And the linnets call.
Walter De la Mare

I can't believe this is outside our backdoor! I am so lucky.

Someone made a fairy house...(perhaps it was fairies?!)

A little lost kitten in a tree

These woods mean so much to me, I have visited them on every pregnancy, we used to drive from Cobh just to see the bluebells. One of the first paintings I sold was of these woods, in fact of a scene very like the one above. The children love the freedom and the beauty of these woods. I feel so blessed to have this as a backdrop to our lives.

We made a nature hunt today before we came here. Rebe had a list of 8 things she had to find including moss, a flat stone, a yellow flower, a feather.
As she found each thing she ticked them off her list. It was really good fun and she enjoyed gathering things in her little basket (things that are now scattered all over the kitchen floor- shrug).

The kids love all animals, this dog was taking himself for a walk and they gave him lots of attention on his way past.

Rebe took this picture of me, check out the big ol' belly!

I have been busy making the last few days as well. I knitted my first pair of socks (baby sized). I'm quite pleased with the result, more of those to come I'd say, especially for winter.
I also got the sewing machine out last night and made a new cover for this little buggy.

I got a pair of them from the charity shop for 6 euro. They are to be presents for Rebe and Benny from the baby. However they are very pink, and one of the covers was very worn and torn so I made up this wee one. I'm so proud of it and I didn't have any mishaps making know: first the bobbin runs out, then the needle breaks, then you can't find the scissors that kind of nonsense. It was very straightforward.
I have a big 'to make' list, which seems to be getting longer instead of shorter. Lots of knitting and sewing ahead...not that I'm complaining.

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  1. You look so cute! Wow, how long is your hair? Mine used to be very long, and I had the whim to cut it~ and have regretted it ever since. I am growing it again.
    The socks came out great! I find them rewarding to make- they're so small they knit up fast. :)
    The walk in the woods is incredible- it looks so fairy like to me!