Thursday, July 15, 2010

Special Delivery & a shop

It was a grotty, rainy day yesterday. Showers were forecast for the whole day, although this did mean we got a few rainbows... Do you see it? Very faint on the right of the yellow house?

I was racking my brains what we could do with ourselves for the day when there was a knock at the door.
Special delivery! My very sweet and kind aunt in Scotland had sent us a 'welcome Joshua' present. Inside a huge parcel was not 1, not 2 but 3 boxes of lego duplo! We were delighted...

We opened them all up on the playroom floor.

We made dragons, bones, the great wall of china, tractors, trains and much, much more...

including this enormous cake, with candles!

The kids very happily played with this most of the morning.
But the fun didn't end there. The boxes became...

a rocket,

a funny house,

a car,

the roll of a hot dog sausage and a snails shell.

The brown paper of the parcel got cut up for drawing on and was stored in another empty box.

This special delivery delighted us all day long! Thank you so much Beth!! xx
Look! At the end of our drive...a shop!
It appeared out of nowhere. It was beautifully stocked with hand made sculptures and beads and paintings.

There was a sign on the front saying 'Rebe's shop', and the recorder was used to attract customers (of which there were very, very few).

Finally after waiting for 2 hours (luckily the shop keeper had brought an apple as a snack and lots of books to read in case she got bored) there was a real customer. A real customer who actually bought something, with real money!!!...
It was actually the public health nurse who had come to weigh Joshua. Rebe was so utterly delighted to have a customer, it really made her day. She was hoping to re-open her shop again today and sell juice but sadly it was raining and we had visitors, but I'm sure this is something she'll come back to in the future.
By the way, Joshua has put on nearly a full lb in a week... it's all in the cheeks! Oh yes!

Finally, look what Andy bought me... some spontaneous love woo hoo!!


  1. Hi Laura~
    I am always so impressed with the imagination your children have! What a wonderful home you have, so busy and full of creativity! I wish we didn't live on two different continents. . . .

  2. Hello Melanie... so delighted to hear from you! I've missed you (odd to say), wish you were just around the corner too! I marvel at how imaginative the kids are too, so fun and funny! x

  3. I missed you too, and almost wrote it but felt that it sounded funny!