Saturday, September 11, 2010

*sigh* it's the weekend

We had to go into town today to the library and health food shop, so I thought I'd bring my camera to show you this tree, inspired by mamauk's post here. The picture's not great, Joshua was wiggling about in the sling, but look at the way it is growing out of the 'boundaries' set in stone by the town...
It is oozing out, as if someone has poured this tree in here and it has over flown.

I've never seen something solid look so liquid before. I love this tree!
This afternoon we attended the children's event of the Courtmacsherry Storytelling Festival. There was a lady with a guitar who sang some great songs, mostly old children's songs from the north of Ireland, and there was a man called Jack who told 4 stories all together. It was story telling in the traditional sense; with morals and repetition, not from books but from legend and passed on through generations, where we could join in and shout out. It was great. Rebe in particular loved it and although Benny was quite tired we did stay until the end. I'm so glad we live here and get to have experiences like this. We walked home along the beach watching kite surfers make 2 metre jumps into the air.

I also got to do this today...
yup, she finally let me wash Mio (it was only because he'd been pee'd on but still he got a wash).

The last thing I want to share today is that Joshua is finding his hands. He's been trying to touch things for a few days, I can see the determination in his face when he's looking at the buttons on my shirt, but he's not been able to make his hands move...
but he's getting there now and today he was touching and grasping things. I'm so pleased for him, another wee milestone in his life.
We're going to have a lazy day tomorrow, just some making and baking and probably lots of knitting and duplo... good old weekends!


  1. Oh gosh, I love that tree too! I've never seen anything like that! What kind of tree is it?
    You are lucky to live where you do, and the old folk songs and stories- I would've loved to be there!
    It's fun for me to see Joshua go through his milestones, and to anticipate when Ezri will be doing things!
    Have a great weekend~ HUGS

  2. Wow, what a special tree.

    My son is growing so fast too. He turned 6 months yesterday. Unbelievable.

  3. That's a horse chestnut tree, it just has this really magical shape. Growing boys!

  4. wow! what an amazing tree. Thank you so much for sharing. We picked up a lot more conkers on the way to school this morning, I think we are going to have a house full very soon!
    Lots of love,
    Rosaleen ♥♥♥