Saturday, April 16, 2011

10 months

Has it really only been 10 months since this dear sweet little boy came to join our family? It feels like it has been so much longer. So much has happened to each of us in these 10 months. Rebe has started school, I started making and selling dolls, Benny potty trained, Andy has built the garden... and so much more.
Joa is such a delight, such a jolly little chap. He giggles and laughs all the time. It is his reaction to most things. Yesterday he tried a blueberry for the first time, as it popped between his little teeth, he let out a chortle of delight.

His toy of choice is our yellow ukulele. He really loves twanging the strings and listening to the sound. He loves anything that makes a noise. Picking up and dropping stones and spoons and coins keeps him occupied for ages.

He's also a definite outdoors baby, loving nothing more than running his hands through the sand on the beach or looking up at the canopy as we walk through the woods. The other day he crawled through into the utility room only to find the back door closed and he let out a howl of disappointment.

He loves to help and be in the thick of it. He has four teeth, he crawls and cruises. He has a head of tiny curls, he doesn't sleep through the night and is made up of 75% yoghurt. He is completely adored by all!

I'm afraid I don't have many pictures or things to report of recent goings on. We're all nearly recovered and catching up on our sleep. There's been some good play though...
pom pom fish made by Rebe for her friend at school
Little red riding hood visiting
Rebe's mobile phone. She calls her teacher Mr Murphy a few times a day with progress reports.

I'm so glad we have 2 weeks off now. I'm looking forward to have lots of time

Love to all


  1. Lol at made up of 75% yoghurt!!

    Enjoy your Easter break, we're already half way through ours :(

  2. Oh Laura, I remember when he was born! Actually I remember before that, when we first "met" online. :) 10 months old! He's such a sweet and smart little boy, you are surely blessed. And he looks like Benny to me, which is a very good thing!
    Okay. . . Rebe's mobile phone is just too much! That girl of yours is something special!
    Love to you, and here's to us both having a healthy week. <3