Saturday, April 23, 2011

a happy easter egg hunt

Sometimes Easter Egg hunts are very unfair. Especially when the children on the hunt are of different ages. A few years ago at a playgroup we found a way around this and this year I was delighted to organise a lovely egg hunt for our 'popcorn playgroup'.

For each child I made a set of 6 matching paper eggs. Larger ones for smaller kids with only a colour to recognise and getting smaller as the kids get older and using dots, symbols and letters for each child to identify. Each child got an envelope with one of 'their' eggs on it so that they could easily match it to others they found. Benny's were large green eggs.

In 5 different locations I hid one of each child's egg, so that basically there were 5 stations where all of the eggs were hidden. The larger eggs for the little kids were easy to see getting progressively harder for the older ones.

Each station was marked by a 'flag' that Rebe helped to make saying 'look here'. This was to allow everyone to find the stations easily.

The kids knew that they must only collect their own eggs and leave any others that they find.

Rebe matching an egg she found to her envelope

The older kids automatically started helping the little ones once they found their own.

The children knew that they had to find 5 eggs altogether. This little bundle of eggs were then exchanged for a prize. Every mummy brought and chose their own prize for their kids.

comparing prizes

Afterwards we all had a picnic in our garden and, not surprisingly, the collaborative play continued for hours in the bright spring sunshine. It was a great day and so much fun :-)

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  1. What a great idea! I am so inspired by this way of having an egg hunt and will surely be using it, thank you!