Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So, we are all well recovered from our colds, we're better rested and there has been so much loveliness going on here the past few days! science experiments and potions in the west Cork sunshine

what would Easter holidays be without crispy cake nests with chocolate eggs?

I went to this super pet shop (run by Rebe) where I picked up this bargain! His price tag said '1'! Only '1' for this lovely wee lad, needless to say I snapped him up :-)

Andy went fishing yesterday, I could see him on the beach from my kitchen window. After a couple of relaxing hours he arrived back with these 2 beautiful bass.

Yummy, I love bass :-)

Benny was so interested. He is going to follow in his daddy's footsteps for sure!

I spent most of the day cooking and baking. That just happens some days doesn't it?

I made porridge, filo rolls with spinach and feta, filo rolls with apple and cranberry's, hot cross buns, a white loaf, ratatouille, cheese sauce, potato and ham gratin and noodles with chicken and mixed veg. Needless to say it wasn't all for eating yesterday lol :-)

Yesterday evening I had a full body massage for free :-) A friend of mine is newly qualified and wanted to practice so I jumped at the chance. It was so, so lovely and I was so relaxed. I could hear her sleeping children breathing through the baby monitor. It was such a special sound track.

Today there was a meet up of past and present playgroup go-ers. This playgroup was the first playgroup I ever went to when Rebe was a baby. I met the most amazing mama's who have become firm and lifelong friends. We had the most glorious weather so we met for a picnic in Fota gardens. There were 13 families in all. The kids played so beautifully giving mummies a chance to catch up.

It was so much fun. One child fell into the fountain though, and I'll give you a guess which child it was...yes Benny lol! Luckily I still carry spare clothes for him wherever we go.

I just wanted to end with this picture. Poor old Joa, he looks so odd; in a strange jumble of mis-matched clothes and a hat that's too big. He may not be a cool and sassy dresser (aherm whose fault is that!) but he certainly is cute!

Oh I love school holidays :-)


  1. Oh how lucky you got such a bargain, I'd have snapped that cutie up myself, as quickly as possible! I love the huge diaper bum- there's not much cuter! I say his outfits are adorable. He looks very comfy. :)
    How special to meet up with all those mamas!
    And YUM about the fish, and the baking! I too have those baking type days. Then I don't want to be in the kitchen for a while.
    So glad you're all better! The little ones are better here but Andy and I are still battling it out with this cold.
    We have some things we'd love to send you- and after Easter we'll do just that so you'll have to watch your mailbox!

  2. Gorgeous as ever Laura. The picnic at Fota looked wonderful- I can't believe the weather you're having! Sorry not to have been there.x

  3. how beautiful...and all that food....you've made me quite starving! xoxoxoxo

  4. OOO Melanie, that sounds very exciting :-)
    Andrea, we missed you too. Hope your mum arrived ok! x