Sunday, April 3, 2011

this weekend under rainbows

This weekend has been so lovely, and it has truly been under rainbows. It started this way... and there was another one just now as I was calling the kids in for their bath. A good start and finish to the weekend! There's been drawing... this is one of Rebe's greats:
At first it looks like a lovely picture of her and Benny, then she explained it a little better to me. Benny (on the left) is crying 'we we we', Rebe has her hand to her head and she said she is shaking it in despair because all the little lines between them are Benny pooping! I love Rebe's art :-)
The boys playing bin men.

On Monday mornings two bin lorries come up our road, they arrive exactly at breakfast time and Benny loves to watch them. Of late he has started playing bin lorries quite often. I think this happened when he saw that there was a space to stand on or at behind his chair, just like on a bin lorry. The scews are the buttons to press to make the bin lift up and empty. It can be a little frustrating as Joa keeps wandering off when he's supposed to be emptying just can't get decent employees these days!

On Saturday morning I strapped Joa to my back and the pair of us went off for a ramble. Oh it was blissful. I could walk at my own pace, there was no sound but the song of birds and the waves against the cliffs.
blossom coming out
part of the seven heads
a gorgeous blue butterfly. Being alone I could approach it quietly and have the pleasure of watching her stretch her delicate wings in the sunshine, warming herself, perhaps for the first time this year.
We spent all weekend outdoors;
in the sandpit
Also in this new acquisition.

At the top of the road are some 'big boys' that Rebe and Benny have befriended. Whilst playing up near their house today, their daddy came out and offered to bring this playhouse down to them which his boys had out grown. Oh the delight. They have spent the rest of the day cleaning and playing in it . It was a little too windy for Joa to be out all day so he watched from the window. Another 'boys' game is being here in Joa's house. Joa has taken to going under the table a lot of the time. Really he's trying to eat all the dropped bits of food that I haven't managed to sweep up, but Benny thinks that he is playing 'house' and will more often than not go and join him. I think these two are going to be great buddies :-)

And now I shall end the weekend with rainbows again;

This time some rainbow knitting. A little cardi for a friends new little baby girl.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too, and that you got at least one rainbow :-)


  1. Actually Amy said......I also have had a wonderful weekend - even though it did involve tesco!!! The kids have been great and today at the beach with my family was really special.... a rainbow enough. We haven't had the best weather but it has been good enough to be outside. XXXX

  2. What a wonderful weekend you have had! That playhouse is fantastic, how kind of your neighbour :) And how lovely to get a walk on your own in such a beautiful place :)

    Gina xx

  3. It looks like you had a great weekend. It is really special when you see your kids making up games together and playing well. I really love that rainbow cardi - beautiful.x

  4. What a beautiful beginning and end to your weekend. Did you name your blog this because you get a lot of rainbows in your part of the world? Or is it serendipity? Anyhow, I think our babes are nearly the same age. My youngest, my third also, is turning 9 months old (already!) in 2 days. He is becoming good buddies with his older brother, too! Much happiness to your week!
    xo Jules

  5. Thanks all, Amy glad it was good (even with tesco lol). Gina, it was so nice to just walk along alone (well wiht Joa) I shoudl try and do it more often. Hi Lou, I made a cardi like this for Joa before he was born and it was my favourite so I'm always happy to repeat knit it.
    Jules, yes when we first moved here, before I started blogging, we had a rainbow everday! I think it just must be the angle of the house to everything. Also from the road approaching our wee village, it looks as though it is nestled in the woods. Hence the name :-)
    much love

  6. Laura, this post is fabulous all around! You live in such a beautiful place!
    Benny and Joa will no doubt be buddies- Ollie and Asa are inseparable (through thick and thin). I so love your humor on this post- I laughed several times, especially at Joa eating the bits of food you hadn't swept up! And at Rebe's rendition of Benny in her drawing. . .!

  7. Oh love it all - the pooing picture, the useless baby bin man, the rainbows, the free slide... wonderful!