Friday, April 1, 2011

spring nature table

We don't have a 'nature table' as such in our home. Although I really love the idea I know that it would just get trashed, instead we have nature pockets. Small, wee nooks and crannies around the house that I try to keep seasonal.

On the kitchen table I keep a small, flat wicker basket that houses all of our treasures found on walks to the woods and to the beach. Flowers from the garden, oh yes, and a seasonal monster that I crafted with Rebe ;-)The windows in the kitchen (and we have many of those) are often also a place where we display seasonal decorations. In autumn we had beeswax preserved leaves, in winter paper snowflakes and folded stars and always our big baskets of woolie hats and gloves and scarves.

With spring in full swing I decided that I needed to do something about the very tired window at the front of the kitchen. It's warm enough to wash and put away a lot of the woolens, take down old hanging ribbons and give the windows a good wash. This left them rather bare so over the past week the kids and I have set about 'springing' them up.

Benny (yes, that is Benny with bunches in his hair, he finds this very funny) and I did a simple craft making bugs, lady birds and bees from old egg boxes that we painted. a lady birdA jolly bee with (aherm) clean nappy liner wings

Yesterday we tried our hand at glass plaints that a lovely friend sent us as a gift.

I love how they came out!There's still lots of space to fill over the coming weeks, and I'm sure I can find some other crafty things to make with the kids.This little family of ducks that I helped finish off for the Kindergarden fundraiser looked very sweet there, as did these 2...

Taimarie...don't they remind of you of rose white and rose red that you blogged about a few weeks ago?

I'm thinking a small family of chickens or a nest with eggs.

What's on your spring nature table?


  1. Lovely and spring-y! Might have to try the bees and butterflies! Ours often gets buried under the contents of the dinner table, as whoever tidies the table ready for dinner, tidies onto the season table! But underneath all that there are some flower fairies, flowers, a felted collecting bowl and some eggs.

  2. Very fun! Your son is so cute to want his hair up. I think having a basket where the kids can put their treasures from walks and such is a fantastic idea.

    Also, thanks for visiting my blog. You have fantastic ideas on yours. I am excited to keep reading.

  3. Your window looks wonderful.
    We also did glass paints this week and I am a huge fan of them.

    I am hugely inspired by your egg carton bugs. They came out super cute, and my girls would love them. I have added them to our Spring 'To Do' list.

  4. I love the dolls. And those bugs are so cute. Very inspiring post. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. All so happy and just love your glass paintings. Nature pockets are a great idea too. Happy spring to you all!

  6. I love your rose red and white- they are lovely (did I blog about them?... I can't remember, though maybe I did...) and those ducks are so cute!Your kindergarten is lucky to have you and your talents!