Sunday, April 24, 2011

bunny's and baskets

What a lovely Easter we had today. It was all about bunny's and baskets.

The Easter Bunny brings lots of little, small chocolates to our house and hides them around the garden. With this in mind, yesterday Rebe and I wove a colourful paper basket to collect them in In fact we made 3 baskets altogether. This one and 2 tiny ones out of toilet rolls so that she and Benny could collect the eggs in their little baskets and decant them into the bigger communal one (do you see my sharing-and-reduced-competition cunning ploy?).

It is a bit wonky, but very jolly.

We also made an edible basket...

This is a basket made of bread, the leaves are fresh spinach from my friend's garden and the eggs are hard boiled and coloured with food colouring. Our dear neighbours arrived back yesterday with eggs for the kids so we gave them this to say thank you. I think these bread baskets would be a fun lunch idea. Will have to give that a go :-)

Last night I set the Easter table after frantically finishing off these 3 little knitted bunnies.

I actually bought a table cloth with celebrations like this in mind. I would like to embroider it at some point, but my to do list is so long it will have to wait a while. I think it is a nice touch to have the table looking special and interesting to greet the children on the moring of special days such as this.
Here is Rebe waiting patiently for the boys to wake up

bunny and Rebe's tiny loo roll basket

The Easter Bunny had indeed come to our garden...

and left treats amongst the toys and plants.

Rebe had left him a letter asking lots of questions about what he looked like and did he know Santa.

To her delight he had left a reply, complete with self portrait.


what a haul! that will keep them going for weeks :-)

We also had lots of lovely visitors today, and one of our neighbours dropped these by for the kids.

The eggs were filled with real custard which they had for dessert. It was delicious and such a great idea, especially as it meant wee Joa could join in :-)

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter too x


  1. I love Rebe's little woven paper basket, where did you find the directions for this delightful craft? Would you be willing to share your source with me?

  2. Hi Carrie, I'm so glad that you like the baskets. We sort of just made it up as we went along, but we did take photos of the process so if you watch this space I'll do you a tutorial in the next few days :-)
    hugs Laura