Saturday, July 2, 2011

My evening walk

I am so lucky to live where I live. When the children are settled for the night, I pull on my boots and go walking. I do the same walk perhaps 3 or 4 times a week depending on how tired I am and the weather It takes a little over an hour at a good pace. I love it.
It is my yoga, my meditation, my me time. I make a real point of trying not to think, to just 'be'. I try to really listen and hear all the sounds around me. I try to smell and appreciate every little scent. I try to notice how I feel; the wind on my skin, the uneven path under my feet.
It is helping me to feel better, it is helping me to find 'me'. I wish you could come...
through the woods

I love this field and the subtle colours

My special spot, I quite often stop for a while here to drink it in.

beautiful, silent trees

incredible light

wild honeysuckle

the road home


  1. Thanks for taking me along on your walk. Wish I was walking with you, I promise I would be quiet.

  2. Dear Laura, what an incredibly beautiful place you live in! And you are so fortunate to have such a place to walk in, I so wish I could walk with you! Someday when our children are grown, I'll take a trip to Ireland and we'll walk. :)

  3. Laura, where you live is simply stunning. I miss the sea so much, this is the first time we haven't lived by the sea in years and your photos really reminded me why I love the sea so much.

    Walking is such a healing activity, you have inspired me to do this too. I am feeling a little overwhelmed lately and I know that a peaceful evening walk alone (well,with the littlest in the sling!) would be so nourishing.

    I really hope your walks nurture you and you continue to feel uplifted.
    Gina xxx

  4. I do so wish you could all come :-) I just got back from my walk tonight and it is just gorgeous out there. Melanie, imagine the fun, the knitting, the tea...yes do come :-) Gina, I hope you find your walk as much therapy as I do mine! Elizabeth, I'd love to walk with you :-)

  5. Laura...I, too, love an evening walk. However, it has been literally years since I've done such. I think I just found myself needing to be home with little ones who called for me at all hours, and walks will happen another time. I look forward to them. Hoping you're having a happy weekend!
    xo Jules

  6. Laura - what a beautiful place. Thank you. The part I understand the most is making a point of trying not to think, but to just be. I am in the States and Ireland is one of the places I would so like to visit.
    Take care.