Friday, June 29, 2012

back from holiday

Hello there :-)
We're back from a wonderful week's holiday at in Bristol at my mum and dad's house.
We had such a  lovely time and had so many adventures. My mum looked after us so well and I got to spend time with my three wonderful brothers :-) and I did get to to see my dad much to my relief who sadly spent most of our time there in hospital :-(

However I have practically no pictures of the trip to share with you as I gave my camera to a certain wee man on the plane over to keep him busy...
 and my camera filled up with pictures of his feet as the battery emptied (shrug), but I had just enough charge to capture this moment of a very loved uncle with his niece and nephews :-)
Now we are safely home, washing done and daddy cuddled and ready for a glorious 8 weeks of school holidays :-)

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