Friday, January 22, 2010

Breakfast in an Aeroplane

We had to say goodbye to Vicci yesterday. We drove her to the airport, where we had an amazing breakfast in the Cork Airport Hotel. The service and food was lovely, but best of all our table was in an aeroplane! Our seats were real aeroplance seats and were under the real over head lockers. It was so much fun, we pretended to be flying all over the world. It was brilliant. After dropping Vicci off at the terminal we picked up Andy and went to the city to get Benny some new shoes. To my delighted my favourite shoe shop, Little Piggies, has opened there. Where we got him these boots... And best of al they were in the half price sale!! Benny's really proud of them>
We made food pictures for dinner, this was Rebe's

And this Benny's.

We also started putting up pictures on the pin board Andy made. It's at the right level for the kids to be able to put up what they want. Here are a few of the pictures we found when going through the huge stack deciding what we wanted to go up...

Me with the baby in my tummy.

And this hilarious one of Santa and his reindeer. Rebe assures me he has on a belt, though it looks like a strap on something else to me ;-)

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