Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A plate of soil with engine oil

Wow, look we managed to get a photo of our winter rainbow fairy in front of a rainbow!
Had a really lovely day today, my darling best friend is staying at the moment (we're even getting her for an extra day because I managed to bribe Cork air traffic control to go on strike tomorrow so she can't go home he he). We went for a walk in the woods with the kids, Vicci carried Benny for me, cause I can't tie my sling round the bump anymore.

As you can see Benny was delighted to be in the sling again... he soon nodded off.
And that one again because it's so cute.. and I can't work out how to delete just one picture :-)

The sea was very stormy and angry so we didn't last long on the cliffs and went home to make 'A plate of soil with engine oil'.
Vicci gave us a Roald Dahl recipe book and this is the recipe that Rebe chose to try first. Essentially it's sticky chocoloate pudding Our's didn't really turn out so well, it was more like a solid brick of chocoloate stodge. But we ate it anyway :-)After dinner we had a bit of a Uke concert.

While Vicci has been here I've showed her how to knit a bit (I'm not a very good teacher, especially with my pregnancy brain as it is and I can't string a sentence together). This was the first thing she ever knitted and as you can see is a wee bit pleased!I finished these bootees and wee gnome hat for a special arrival due, well, 9 days ago. Am really pleased with how they turned out and will defenitely make some for our wee one.P.s. Anyone any idea what's happened to my feet?

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