Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chistmas Day

These are the dolls that Santa brought the guys. They came complete with little outfits (thanks Bubs elf) and their own little wooden beds (thanks daddy elf!). R called them Sam and Sally, although she alternates calling her doll Sally and Daisy. It'll be interesting to see if she will end up sticking with one name or will keep both. B calls his 'baby' and is a very sweet little papa and delights in putting his baby to bed and saying 'shhhhh', then deciding that he needs an extra cuddle and getting him back up again. The are both well loved and I hope they will get years of pleasure from them. I have made a few more clothes for Sally but Sam will have to wait for a while as there is a bit of knitting back log at the moment.

I love this picture, you can see the delight in their faces. B was given a jack in the box pirate and it has become a firm favourite. R was very much in charge of winding at first as B just couldn't get the co-ordination (he has figured it out now and delights in being able to wind it himself). We were so touched that everyone who gave the children gifts really thought about the way we are trying to raise them and everything was so beautiful and thoughtful! Thanks all x x

This is our first of 3 Christmas Rainbows, R's Christmas wish come true. A few days before Christmas we were reading a story about Christmas wishes, when we had finished it and I was kissing R goodnight she said that her Christmas wish was for a rainbow and low and behold she got not one but three! It was incredible too, the photo does it no justice at all. The sky was a deep angry, stormy purple and pink and the colours of the rainbow were so strong and bright. We truly are nestled under rainbows here.

This is my beautiful, beautiful christmas candle handmade by my darling R. She made it for me whilst on holiday in Bristol in the autumn and Bubs took her to a fair day. She got a bee picture to colour in and rolled this candle for me. It is one of the most favourite things I have ever received and I had been saving it for Christmas day. It was worth saving it!! Thank you Rebe x

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