Thursday, January 14, 2010

pea soup fog

It was a very small world yesterday when we woke up, the fog was so thick we could just about see across the road. We spent time in the morning doing house work and playing with the trains and playdough. When I had finished the third load of washing I needed to get out so we put on waterproofs and went down to the beach. The storm a few days ago must have really churned up the sea bed, there were thousands of sea urchin shells all along the shore line. We gathered a load into a pile and made patterns with them. Then Rebe buried lots in holes and Benny discovered he could crack them like egg shells. We also found half a dozen star fished that we rescued by chucking back in the sea. It was really calm and flat water and we could still see nothing through the fog, it was quite eerie! My two little bird watchers

When we got home we had some nice quiet time while Benny had his nap, Rebe and I made gypsy creams. I put on a story tape in the kitchen and the two of us sat there happily for an hour or so I knitting and Rebe cutting and sticking a picture book for Benny and a thank you card for the car that rescued us.
Yummy gypsy creams!
I took this picture of Sam and Sally, I am considering making a poster to advertise handmade dolls for sale, and wanted to get a picture of my first attemepts before they got too loved (dirty).

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