Thursday, January 28, 2010


Oh dear, I managed to dye all of Benny's nappies bright pink! One of our new red napkins had snuck in with that wash! Oh well, at least they're under his clothes! The kids have been a bit under the weather the past few days so we haven't done much, short walks to the beach and the park and lots of stories and playing. Here are the two favourite toys of the week:
Benny is loving this wagon, it's been transporting just about everything.
Rebe is loving these little cut out men, they are all named. The middle one (Jake) is very naughty and rude, they each have pockets. We have also made a bus and a plane for them to ride in and a great paper picnic too. Amazing how much fun and how many hours can be taken up with the simplest of things!

We've also been doing a lot of crafting during the quiet times Benny has his naps in the afternoons. I have had a few Birthday pressies to make (I'll post more about that tomorrow). Rebe made this cat badge, and it was too good not to sew onto something. Inkonk (my mum's godmother) had made her this jumper for xmas and I'm sure she won;t mind that we embellished it! I think it looks really cute, as does the little lady modeling it!

Last night's dinner was such a throw back for Andy and I, we had Kase Spaetzle and Frikadellen! The Kase Spaetzle were surprisingly good,although a bit tricky to cook. You have to push the mixture through the holes of a colander into boiling water. You have to be pretty speedy at this or the steam will cook it in the holes (as I discovered; just putting Benny's welly back on him and me holes were all blocked) but i managed and everyone enjoyed it.
So all is good here. The kids are sleeping better and Benny is managing the big bed great. He is also sleeping through til 7am now that he goes to bed wearing the nappy equivalent of the princess and the pea.
The bump is steadily growing and is full of kicks and wriggles. We're nearly 22 weeks now! Can't believe in 4 months there will be another little person sharing our house!

That's all for now folks.

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