Monday, January 25, 2010

Great Chieftain O the Puddin' Race

Oh what a great day I have had today! In fact yesterday was lovely as well. It started off with a glorious lie in; Andy got up with the kids and I even got breakfast in bed and this fabby picture of a dragon by Rebe. We spent the morning playing and sewing. We made this wee pile of napkins for dirty little hands and faces.

Rebe did all the ironing for me...well we just did the napkins and didn't bother with anything else.

Then even though it was rainy and wet we had a great play in the park.
Burns Night
Today too was just great. It started off with the kids not getting up til gone 7am (minor miracle) and Benny had had his first night in the big bed without having to be transferred to cot, or having fallen out. We had plenty of time to get ready for school (apart from a little sudocreme smeared all over small persons self and having to get changed quick incident) and at school Rebe's teacher said that she was now also booked in for Fridays. Benny and I went shopping and got some wonderful bargains in the charity shops. These are my fav finds:

This moses basket is so beautiful I couldn't resist...3 euro!!

I got the Shirley Hughes Treasury (I am so in love with Shirley Hughes, there is something so magical and yet so simple about her style)... 50c

We had this book when we were kids, I couldn't pass it by... 1 euro

Benny couldn't pass this one, I love too that it is original pre tv show.
After picking up Rebe from school we came home to prepare for our Burns supper. We made a Loch Ness Monster Table decoration.

A slightly over excited (and massive looking) mummy bringing in the Haggis. Andy and I made very realistic sounding bag pipe accompaniment for this part!

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

Benny loved it!
Before desert we read out some poems that we had written (as I could only remember one verse of 'Tae a Haggis'). Here are the ones Rebe and I wrote over breakfast:
'Jake the Pinecone
Loved to Pine tone'

'Once there was a fat cat,
Who loved to pat.
He wore yellow fur,
And stroking it made him purr!'
'Jake the Pillow Snake
Ate a cherry cake.
Eating it hurt his tum,
So he went and called his mum.'
And here is Andy's less savoury contribution (of course Rebe loves it!)
'There once was an elephant's bum
That played like a trumpet for fun
One day his bum died,
from all the gas inside,
So he said' Come on everyone, RUN!!''

Yummy Trifle!
Hope you all have had a wonderful day too!!

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  1. Some interesting developments here. Firstly, you're ironing napkins. Why? I take it this is from the Bubs School of Iron Everything including socks, boxers, and handkersniffs. I was glad to note that you didn't bother with anything else. Although if you can train Rebe to think that ironing is a fun game, you might be on to a winner. I'm a bit worried about the Moses basket. You're not planning to abandon anyone on the doorstep or in the reeds of a riverbank, are you? I won't ask what a pillow snake is.