Wednesday, January 13, 2010

what an adventure!

Well, what a day we had yesterday. As it looked as if it had thawed we decided to go with A to East Cork, he to work and us to visit friends and have a swim. We set off all excited about 8.30am. Roads a bit slippy but seemed ok... they weren't, less than ahlf way there we were going down a long hill with a curve at the end and well we didn;t make it round the curve and ended up in a ditch! We were a bit shaken up and I got the kids out as there and up a little side lane away from the main road just in case. There was another can behind us that did the exact same thing except the poor woman went into the ditch head first and has written her car off. Oddly enough this all happen right outside a house we had gone to look at to rent. The lovely resident there came out and said he would help us both if we helped him get his pick up truck moving which needed a push start, which we did and in no time we were back on the road (albeit much slower). I was so grateful for that man's help, we plan to bring him a little something to say thank you. I was also so glad that it was A driving, he is so calm and sensible I know I would have panicked much more!

We kept going to A's work, they were very surprised to see him and told us off for coming in, they told him not to bother til Monday and only then if the weather is much improved. His boss was lovely and gave me a cup of tea and the kids a choccy bic. He had a tiny Chihuaua puppy called Tiger and the kids just fell in love. Then on to Cobh... we went to a good friends house and had lunch there with another two of my dear, dear friends. It was so lovely and Benny was delighted playing with all the big kids (and climbing onto their bikes!).

After that we went for a swim which was so nice too. A was so so patient and lovely all day, he never tried to hurry us and he just hung around and read his newspaper all day.

We were all exhausted by the time we got home, we had a quick dinner and snuggled in the living room then all went to bed before 9!
What a day, it was good though even if we did see the inside of a ditch...oh forgot to mention that apart from a few scratches the car is completely fine, someone was smiling down on us!
Anyway, enough about that adventure, here are a couple of pictures I wanted to add, A and R on the home made sledge going down our icy hill. B watching them

Then getting a turn

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