Thursday, June 10, 2010

41 weeks today

Yup we're still here, 41 weeks and still no baby!

I've been feeling pretty fed up and sore the past few days and find myself wishing this last bit of pregnancy away. It is made easier though by having such sweet children...

...who pick me gorgeous bunches of flowers. Rebe says these are called 'love you' flowers and are specially for people who are grumpy or sad (well needed in my case ;-)). And because she's not allowed to use the kettle, she's making me lots of cups of tea like this...

My dear little people! Just wish the last little person would make an appearance soon.

We're dropping Rebe and Benny to a friend today and going up to the hospital for a check up. I saw my doctor yesterday (not a home birth supporter) and both he and my midwife think it's time we go for a wee visit there. Hopefully all will be well and progressing nicely, if I'm favourable I'll get a sweep, see if that kicks starts anything like it did Benny's birth.

Best of all my mum arrives tonight (the kids are sooo excited). So I can stop worrying about logistics and relax a little more knowing the older two will be so well looked after leaving Andy and I free to focus, for a while, on me and the new wee one.

Hope you're all well and hope I will have some real news for you soon x


  1. Oh, Laura you have been pregnant long enough! I sure hope the sweep sets things in motion- I'll bet it will since you are overdue- your body must be so ready!
    Your children are so sweet- I am always impressed with how thoughtful Rebe is!
    Glad your mom is coming, maybe it'll help you relax and go into labor.
    Good luck, Laura! I am thinking of you! HUGS

  2. Such sweetness with the tea and flowers. Sending warm thoughts your way for the upcoming birth- glad to hear your mom is arriving to help out- maybe the wee babe was waiting till she came? Good luck mama!