Saturday, June 5, 2010

Over due

Well, I'm officially over due! Only to be expected really and luckily I'm still in some kind of denial that I will actually be having a baby, so I'm not disappointed! Still being over due means that I have managed to get some more things finished up... Rebe wrote this thank you letter to Willy Wonka yesterday. On Monday we went for a walk to our little village shop. Rebe is convinced that the shop owner is married to Willy Wonka as she has so many sweeties in her shop. Anyway, on Monday our arrival coincided with the shop's sweet delivery, and the shop owner (bless her) told Rebe that the man in the van was Willy Wonka and she took her out to meet him and to look around his van. The delivery driver, much bemused, played along and even gave her a bag of sweets! Oh the joys of childhood. I was so thrilled by how those lovely people played along for her. So anyway, she decided she wanted to write Willy Wonka a thank you letter. We'll drop it off to the shop later for the owner to pass on.
I finished Benny's birthday crown. I'm pleased with it. Snail themed of course!

I used up every last scrap of the rainbow yarn making these things. In fact, one of the booties had to be finished off in a different colour. It's supposed to fit 0-6 months. The camera just couldn't capture the colours.
Unfortunately, being over due has also meant that I have started some new projects (anyone else always have to have a project on the go?). Both are for Benny's birthday. I'm doing a sweater for him for a pattern I've had for ages and yarn I've had for ages.
I also decided that for a boy who is starting to enjoy dressing up and who loves snails that he should have some kind of snail costume... I have a plan in my head... we'll see if I have the time to make it.
We've got a lovely day planned (in a way I'm grateful to not have this baby yet so we can do our plan for today) so you'll probably see more of me before the new addition makes an appearance!


  1. I love that story of Rebe meeting "Willy Wonka!" How wonderful that they played along and made a little girl's fantasy true. :)
    I am in love with the sweater and booties- wish I could see them in person!
    And, I also love the snail birthday crown! Ollie and Asa have grown out of their birthday crowns and I need to make new ones- which will be fun. :)

  2. I know I was so touched by them making her childhood that little bit more special! I really love making crowns, I hope to make some to sell after this baby comes... they are so much fun to do. I hope Benny will love his.

  3. I love that Willy Wonka story! Her little thank you note is adorable. And that rainbow sweater and booties is lovely. For the snail suit, have you seen the picture at this blog? Sending you warm thoughts as your birth approaches~