Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Benny!

On Sunday the 20th of June Benny became 2 years old.
Rebe made him a beautiful train decoration.

Proud as punch!

His favourite presents were little clay snails that Rebe had made for him. He was so delighted with them and has played with them a lot.

Look how happy he is about the snails.

Rebe was pleased with her 'unbirthday present' cat.

Benny got a really sweet cutlery set from my dear friend Annika. It even has his name on them. He kept putting them in and taking them out of the packet like a jigsaw..oh the mileage out of packaging!

Even if he only has 6 of them teeth really are useful!

This was another great present from his auntie and uncle in Brighton. It's a jigsaw track that has a wee train that will run on the track. The kids have played with this for hours, in fact they played with it so much that the battery in the train ran out and had to be replaced!

Benny's birthday crown.

This was a great wee find in a charity shop and he just loves it. Snails, birthday cats, his jigsaw train all get rides in the carriage.

For lunch Bubs made a real birthday tea, complete with crocodile sandwich. These used to be a staple of my childhood birthday parties and it was so cool to have one for Benny.

A birthday feast.

chocolate roll snails

snails on a leaf cake.

At the end of the day we had a bit of naked reading time in the garden...what better way to unwind. Even more exciting; with no prompting what so ever Benny did a poo in the potty! Was a surprise to us all and he was SO proud. He walked away with his hands on his hips and a massive grin on his face. What a big boy!

'Bappy Too Too' Benny! My darling boy. You have brought so much joy and pleasure and laughter into our lives since 2008 and I am so lucky to have you in my life. Love mummy x x

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