Sunday, June 6, 2010

lovely weekend (still no baby)

We've had such a lovely weekend, no sign of any baby, but that meant we got to do all of this...
We visited the agricultural show at Belgooly. It was a beautiful day (a bit breezy when we got there hence the kids jackets).
There was lots of old tractors on display
A petting farm was there. The kids spent most of their time here looking at the calf, goat, lambs, chickens. Benny loved a black potbellied pig that was there.

Rebe loved the ducklings. They were only 4 days old and I would have quite happily brought one home.

She even got to hold one. Benny tried to hold one by its face so we had to pass on his turn...but I got a go :-)

There were also some rabbits

Look at my boys deep in discussion about the 'babbits'

After much pestering we let them have a turn on this slide. They had to climb up to the sky. Once at the top Rebe lost her nerve (Benny went up and down another 3 times) and had to be rescued...

much to Andy's delight!

Then we found the tea tent! It was all home baking by farmers wives (are there any better bakers?) we bought (aherm) 5 cakes, a sandwich, 2 juices and 2 coffees for 11 Euro!! Yummy, could've stayed there all day :-)

Benny loved being in the marquee, he was really fascinated by the light.

We were all pretty tired after all of today (Sunday) we had a really lovely 'at home day'
We took the new kite Rebe got from the garden centre the other day up to the green at the top of our street.
Benny was brilliant at running with it behind him...

Wow, it was so cool when we got it up in the air.

Of all of us Rebe was best at it. Look at her go!

While Benny was napping after running up and down the hill all morning Rebe and I made him a surprise for lunch...

slug and snail rolls to have with our soup.

He was very pleased!
Hope you all had such a lovely weekend too...and now I'm ready for this baby to come!


  1. I came over here to see how you are doing and see if there is a baby yet. . .the title says it all!
    I am impressed with you and your going all about while overdue! I guess sitting at home waiting would certainly not bring baby here any faster, though would it?
    The show you all went to sounds like a great time- and you all have the coolest names for places over there- Belgooly!
    Your kids are SO cute. :)

  2. Belgooly, I know my dad always called his (aherms) 'goolies' so that still makes me giggle. There are other great ones like 'Ballinspittle' and 'Dripsey'. Ireland is a funny place to live alright. Like you said I'd rather not be sitting around waiting at home, it's bad enough being over due and I hate focusing on it and not being able to do anything about it really. I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen today I'll hae to think ofsomething to do. My brain keeps saying; 'Lemon drizzle cake' ;-)