Tuesday, June 22, 2010

first day alone with 3

Bubs went home yesterday, which is always really difficult. She was such an enormous helps, words can't describe how special it was to have her here. Rebe, as usual, was distraught and cried most of the way home from the airport and Benny was wandering around this morning saying 'peebles don' (Peebles gone).
I have to say I have been a bit nervous about her leaving and Andy working and being here with the 3 kids alone for the first time. Luckily I'm feeling ok today and not too sore which is a big relief.
I got as prepared as possible and we are coping ok....
We did some dressing up this morning... Erm..have you seen a more beautiful fairy? Our friend came to visit us this morning which was so lovely. She brought these beautiful flowers from her garden along with strawberries, new potatoes and a dozen fresh eggs and....

no less than 3 cakes and a fruit loaf...now can you get a better friend than that?
After she left I managed to get the 2 boys asleep so Rebe and I can afford a bit of quiet time...think I may cope.


  1. Adjusting like this can always be hard! I hope your day has been a wonderful one- I am glad to hear you are not too sore. :)
    Having your little ones so sad to see someone you all love leave makes is so much more difficult! Poor little Rebe. Is she feeling better now?
    What a wonderful friend you have to come visit and bring such yummy foods for you!
    Benny is the cutest little 2 year old fairy ever. . .and happy birthday too! He is so cute. :)

  2. Thanks Melanie, I am feeling surprisingly ok, we're maybe finding a bit of a rhythm here which is helping a lot (for me as much for the kids...I'm one of those people who needs rhythm in their life). Rebe has been really exhausted today, I think the emotions of the last couple of weeks are catching up on her. We'll have to try and take it easy for all our sakes over the coming days and weeks.
    And you're right, it makes is all the easier having lovely friends around us (although it would be lovely to be able sit a share a cup of tea with you!)