Wednesday, June 2, 2010

beach cafe

Welcome to the beach cafe!
After we finished our morning jobs we decided we needed to go down to the beach for a good old play. The weather is just glorious.
We decided to take all of our old plastic cups and plates with us.
The kids have been eating and drinking from these until recently, but Rebe said that she was tasting bits of plastic and I am also really conscious of the chemicals that can taint their food, so Andy and I decided that they can just use the same stuff as us and we'll invest in some thick glass/ ceramic drinking vessels instead of plastic (we are really trying not to use plastic as much as possible anyway and this fits a lot better with that too). Anyway, it made a brilliant game and they spent a good couple of hours, cooking, baking, mixing and serving incredible recipes (like cherry and ice cream that's what I call a cafe)!
They also tried out Benny's new watering can for the first time.
Can you believe that in the whole morning we were there we only met one other woman? A lovely lady we meet all the time who lets the kids throw a ball for her dogs. I just feel so blessed that we get this beach to ourselves during school/ work times.
One thing I was very glad about was that this cafe is very knitting friendly! In fact it was so knitting friendly that I finished this wee rainbow cardi (will post once I've put on the buttons and blocked it).
I have finished the two birthday cats and the are now hidden in the cupboard waiting for the big day! I'm pleased with how they came out and I think the kids will like them.


  1. Laura- you are SO cute! So are the kitties you made, so are the little ones- especially Rebe's conversation with you. :)
    Happy Due date today!

  2. Thanks Melanie, you're very sweet. Can't quite believe it's my due date. Nothing happening yet anyway although I am feeling pretty grotty...will keep you posted x

  3. This is the first time I have visited your lovely blog. Those kitties really are such cuties!!