Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We've been doing a bit of balloon making here. We had another massive pile of pictures to do something with. The Year Round craft along had a paper idea for May so what better thing to do than recycle our pictures and paintings this way.... We folded paper squares (which was much easier than it looked at first glance), and then cut out some of our pictures into balloon shapes and attatched one to the other and there you go...

...hot air balloons.

And here I am still ballooning too (40+5)


  1. I love all the ballooning!
    40 +5! This little one must be about ready to come out soon!
    You look wonderful, by the way- I love that shirt you've got on.

  2. Thanks Melanie, don't feel wonderful at all today, I developed a really awful migrane yesterday and was sick most of the night!! Come on baby, you've cooked enough!!

  3. Oh I'm sorry to hear that! I agree, baby has cooked enough!
    I hope you feel better today!