Monday, January 24, 2011


When there's no sand and no mud, the next best things are pasta, rice and lentils...

A lovely morning spent digger-ing

brown bread and roasted veggies for soup

I love wearing Joa in the sling. I have been carrying him on my back for months now. It leaves me hands free to get on with things. He's up and being stimulated and cuddled and we're all happy except.... he is now spending all him time in the sling pulling out those tiny little hairs at the nape of my know the ones that really hurt, that make your eyes water and teeth gnash?
so I have been experimenting with a bit of Joa protection. This works best so far as he can't pull it off like a hat.

Only thing is I feel like I look like Flo, Andy Capps wife (feel like her too sometimes lol).

Oh this little man is so close to crawling, he's going backwards so I'm often finding him like this, stuck! I feel we are nearing the end of the finally infancy in this household. It is exciting!
Hope you all had good weekends x x

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