Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We actually went out today! But before I tell you about that look at this.... a whole box of fruit bars! For anyone who knows my kids you will know what a treasure chest this is!! What a Christmas present, thank you Heaysman people, we love you x x
So, at breakfast there was this super hero...

and I turned around from eating my porridge and he'd built this tower!
(and I thought to myself, we need to get out).
I find that if I've been in the house for a while that it is pretty difficult to get out. I don't know, I feel a little too cocooned at home, but I thought today we are feeling well enough and have been in for long enough so we went to the Clonakilty Model Railway. It's such a cool wee place and just down the road. It's one of those places where we could go to often, but we don't and I'm glad we don't because when we do go it's filled with charm and things to discover.
We loved looking at all the houses and model towns and villages.

We followed each train on their journey all the way around the railway.

We climbed and played in the playground

We took in the fresh air.

and blew away the cobwebs.

We had hot chocolate

and rolls.

We played in the soft play area.

Then we had a cuppa in the train carriage cafe.

Before having a last look around and heading for home, rosy cheeked and happy to have been out!
So now Joa is asleep and the kids looking at books and I'm going to carry on with my knitting...

I'm just about finished this Peter Pan cardi, I can't wait to see what it turns out like. I'll hopefully get it done tomorrow and will show you pictures then.
What a nice day :-)


  1. Oh I had such fun reading this post! And it made me wish we were out with you all, getting rosy cheeks and such. :)
    I love Benny's strawberry hat- did you make that one? I've done apple ones- I would love to do a strawberry one for Asa or Ella, as they love to eat them!
    You are so cute Laura- I love it when I get to see you and say "hello!"
    I can't wait to see Rebe's green cardi, I just finished Asa's green one. I didn't get to buy the chipmunk buttons I had wanted, it just wasn't in the budget. . .but the cardi still looks cute. :)

    I wanna go to Ireland. . .just this morning Andy and I were saying how we'd love to go to Ireland, and I said: "we'd have to look up Laura, of course!"


  2. I love all the pans stacked up, happens here so often! I wanted to go out and get rosy cheeked today, but it just didn't happen, your lovely pictures have made me very determined to get out of my house tomorrow! The colour of that wool is gorgeous, I am so looking forward to seeing the end result, I bet it will look fantastic!

  3. Hello! Love your blog and your gorgeous children. I know that "must get out feeling!" Should listen to it more often. I was impressed at the tower though!
    Will visit again (and thanks for lovely message on blog).. x

  4. Hi all, Melanie we'd love to have you visit :-) wouldn't that be just lovely! No, I didn;t knit the strawberry hat, it was a jumble sale find, however I'm sure I saw the pattern on ravelry. It is Benny's best hat, his equivalent to Asa's Kitty hat.
    Liz, did you manage to get out? The wool for Rebe's cardi was a lucky find, a half finished jumper at another jumble sale.
    Hi Lindsay, thanks for stopping by x x

  5. I just found a strawberry hat on ravelry- I already have the right yarn color. . .! I gotta make it.