Sunday, January 16, 2011

this weekend

Our weekend has looked a bit like this...Saturday morning dens
piles of washing

a hair cut! My friend had given me a voucher for my birthday and I eventually got around to making an appointment. I got about 8 inches off and a real telling off from the hairdresser for letting it get to the terrible state it was in. I'm delighted though, it's lovely :-)

Baking: we chose brownies this weekend.

Getting ready to crawl?

Knitting, always knitting. This is a cardi for a little dolly in red Snuggly wool. It's one of the few acrylics I like, it is true to it's name and is very snuggly!

Lots of play, Benny's toy of choice this weekend has been this box.


We have also been swimming today, always so much fun. All 3 of the kids just love it (and so do I; there's nothing like bobbing around and watching the people I love squeal with joy and pleasure).

and of course a great deal of cheek worship :-)
It's been good, relaxing and minimal housework done...did I say minimal, I meant NO. he he
Hope you all had lovely weekends too.


  1. WE did a little tiny bit of spring cleaning! Wow! And planted a cherry tree. Otherwise we ate a lot!! And saw lots of friends and family- see
    You must come down here one saturday and we can go together and a walk around the cookery school gardens as well.
    Lovely hair!
    Cool den!
    Yummy brownies- good call!
    Yay for crawling! Go Joa!
    Our two older ones love swimming no but baba, yes the water born one, hates water, the other two did till they were no whole family swimming for us.

  2. That sounds like a lovely invitation Lucy, we'd love to come over x x