Thursday, January 20, 2011

welcome to Sarah's workshop

Hello and welcome to Sarah's workshop. It is mostly a place for gardening. This is Sarah (on the left) and her helper planting spring bulbs, in lovely new terracotta pots. They are planting daffodils, snowdrops and tulips in the round pots and lots of lavender in long pots.
Sarah is lovely, she talked us through the whole process (in other words she talked the whole time). She then invited us to live with her forever, which was nice :-)

She had so much work to do in her workshop, especially with the spills of potting compost and the watering look suspiciously like mud pies to me, but then I have no idea about proper gardening!
Of course like all good gardeners we had a tea break to sit back and admire our work.

Here are the lovely pots of lavender she planted outside her workshop, even without blooms we receive huge wafts of lavender entering and leaving the house.
It was nice to meet Sarah and see her working. I'm sure we'll see her around a lot this year!

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