Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A soft day

'There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes' Billy Connolly

It was what is called here in Ireland a 'soft' day (pardon?!?!?!) in other words very wet, but we had the right clothes...

so out we went.

Luckily Andy had left his MASSIVE raincoat at home that both Joa and I fit into.

There is something about walking in the rain. I love it when there is no rush and we can just savour the experience. Yesterday I was particularly aware of sound.
The tap tap of the rain on the pavement.
Waterproof trousers swish swish.
Birds singing their delight.
The wind whistling past our ears.
Water gurgling down the drain
glug glug

Benny found a worm in a puddle and being a superhero he rescued it and put it on the grass.

There is something so incredible about individual raindrops. Fresh, delicate, a whole universe within them.


Over daddy's bridge, and back again, and over again and back again (just to check).

We found this massive puddle in the car park by the beach. We loved walking through it listening to the sound of our footsteps changing as the water got deeper.

step step, splish, splish, splash, splash, splosh, splosh, whoosh whoosh, SPLASH (that was Benny falling over lol!)

a throne? a horse? a motor bike?

I love rainy day walks :-)


  1. Wow, Rain! Where's the snow?!
    It looks wonderful, Laura!

  2. OH gosh no snow here Melanie! The snow we had before christmas was REALLY unusual. So much so that although it was only about 4 inches the whole place ran to a school, no work etc etc for a week. We're just not equipped for it here and no one knows how to drive on snow (or walk on it for that matter lol). Have you guys still got lots of snow? hugs x x