Saturday, January 22, 2011

all-by-myself trousers

I'm grabbing a few moments while Saturday morning den making is going on to write this post.
Benny has been potty trained for quite a while now (he started on his 2nd birthday, completely self lead). However, he has been struggling a bit with going to the loo by himself, finding pulling down trousers, tights and pants a bit tricky. This has meant that I have had to drop everything 6 or 7 times an hour to take him to the loo. So I decided the dude needed a wardrobe revamp. I found these great trousers online in the sale. I am so delighted with them. They are winter trousers, reversible with a lovely cotton print and lined with corduroy. They have a pocket on each side and are beautifully made.

I got 4 pairs; monkeys, turtles, bugs and lady birds. I felt it was a good investment as he can get them on and off himself and also they will do for Joa in a few years time. I also went to our local drapers (I'd love to take some pictures of this place, it's like a time warp) and got him pants in a size too large, which again he can manage by himself. As the trousers are thick and warm I feel we can manage without tights and if it's very cold I'll put some leg warmers on him. So now, he can go to the toilet 'all by myself'... and I may get a hot cup of coffee!

While I was out I scored this bargain from the Spillers Lane Children's Project. A charity shop that sells only toys and books, the proceeds going to a Children's project in India. This pram is a gorgeous vintage one, it's large and sturdy and cost a mere 5 euro! It's funny because I was just saying at playgroup the day before I would love to get a good pram for the kids as they have wrecked their buggies pushing each other around in them.

We ended the day with a very lovely, formal tea party with a special friend of ours.
Good day all round.


  1. Those are great trousers!
    Looks like a great day.

  2. Hi Rebecca, it was a good day, and I would totally recommend the trousers, they are lovely. Thanks for stopping by :-)

  3. Hi Laura

    I commented here a couple of days ago but it seems have vanished, incase you didnt see it, I just wanted to say thankyou for posting about the trousers, after seeing your post I ordered a pair for H as I have always strugged to find him nice fitting trousers (we still have some 12-18 months ones that are way too big and he's 2) they arrived this morning and are wonderful, such a lovely fit and lovely trousers, Im ordering more today

    Becky :-)

  4. they really are good aren't they... we love them... we'll definitely get more too :-)thanks for your comment. hugs x