Monday, January 17, 2011

my name is Laura...

...and I'm a bookaholic

Oh dear, oh dear. I have a terrible affliction. I just can't stop buying books. I have always loved reading and tend to be read 3 or 4 books at a time (so I can read depending on my mood). I thirst for knowledge and it's transformative power. Since I started my little etsy shop I have felt that I have a little pocket money for myself and so I have been treating myself. I don't get my nails done, I don't buy clothes or go out for dinner. I buy books (although mostly second hand), here is what I have bought over the past few months (most of which Andy doesn't know about).

There are even possibly a few more I've forgotten about. Oh dear, I must stop! But I do so love reading :-)


  1. Ah, that sounds very familiar, and many of the same books are by my bedside. I often have many books on the go at the same time depending on what mood takes me when I want to sit and read.

    I tend to get most through the libraries but buy some that the libraries aren't likely to stock. The librarian is always curious about the books I borrow and often takes them out when I return them, I think there's a closet librarian in me somewhere!

    I too love reading, it's good for the soul x

  2. I am exactly like you-three books going at a time, I buy used books on, and it's my one "luxury" as well!

  3. Hi Carrie, oh I never heard of that site...must go and check it out!
    dawn, our library isn't so well stocked and all the ones I want to order with them are 'lost'. Maybe I will be able to open my own library soon lol!

  4. Oh my, I am right here with ya, Laura. . .books!
    We have the same taste too- I have all those except for "The Last Child in the Woods" (which I want!) and "At One With All Life," which I am wondering about.

  5. 'at one with all life' is a womans journey into 4 gaian communities around the world. i read it over and over and over again when i was a teenager and i suppose it was hugely influencial. so i thought i would read it again and see how much i've grown using this as my measure. i'll get back to you and let you know if i recommend it as a grown up :-)

  6. I read books by the 6s or 7s, so your book list is very modest! That'd be a month's worth of Amazon for me! I rationalise it the same way - don't spend on clothes, haven't been to a hair dresser in 5 years, so yup books are for me, and they benefit my whole community cos I lend them out. And then I sell unwanted ones on Amazon marketplace to get a little cash back!

    However, I have gotten into ,must have that book, buy it, read a chapter or not even and then move onto the next, so I am on a self-imposed no book buying cold turkey where I actually have to read all the books I've bought over the past couple of years!