Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just an ordinary day

We're slowly getting back to normal life here. In fact, life has been so normal that I haven't had much to blog about. So, I decided I would show you what our normal is. I initially thought of doing an hourly type post, where I would show photos taken every hour we're up, but when I started I saw so much beauty in the little things in our life that I just couldn't limit myself to 12.

So here it is, our ordinary day in pictures...

making packed lunches for work and school


getting ready for school

putting out the bird feeders we made at parent/ child group yesterday

crafting with Benny while Rebe is at school and Joa asleep

he made a pompom 'bug' and has worn it all day (and is still wearing it now)

making veggie soup, chicken pie and apple crumble

all wrapped up to go out for a walk

watching the turnstones

driving to pick up Rebe from school

waiting for the bell to ring

lunch time

quiet time

play time

dinner time

skype with Bubs (really great stories tonight, we all loved them, especially the scary pants!)

bath time

tickle time

story time

my time

and now it's my bed time.
Ordinary can be so lovely!
hugs x


  1. What a lovely day in pictures. I love how peaceful and happy it looks! You have three very beautiful happy children, you're truly blessed. May there be many more days like this to come.

  2. Lovely, thanks for sharing your day x

  3. How perfect. That's the sort of day I aspire to. I get some of it in, but not all of it, on a daily basis. Mama envy here for your wonderful life! We can add...
    Blog time
    Tantrum time
    TV time
    I don't want to go out time
    I don't want to get my clothes on time
    Need a pee time
    Yuck, I don't like that time

  4. Ooh and FB and email and mama's doing JUNO work time

  5. thanks guys...
    yeah that Lucy 'neet wee wee' time happens about 6times an hour here (no exageration!)

  6. I love these ordinary day pictures- there is such beauty in the simple things! Your days are so similar to ours, too.
    Love to you, Laura!

  7. Yes, the gift of an ordinary day!