Sunday, March 20, 2011

catch up...

Wow, it's been ages since I've been here. It's been a busy week and here's a little of what we've been up to...

My mum came for a visit. It is always so lovely to see her and be with her. We all love her so dearly and Rebe has a very special relationship with her. Look what she brought for me... I'm so delighted with it...what a saddo ;-P

On our first full day together we spent the morning at Lisselan gardens. It was just a glorious day and we had such a lovely time exploring.
Playing pooh sticks

Watching the world float by. There was a sweet little ginger cat that followed us all the way around. It was so gorgeous and we had it completely to ourselves. This is definitely a place we need to spend more time at.

On Thursday it was St Patrick's day. Bubs made an Irish flag cake with the kids and little flags to wave.
She was a bit disappointed with the parade. I think she was expecting lots of exciting floats rather than a wee old lady with a zimmer frame dressed in a tu-tu and a cement mixer. It was still fun though :-)

All this loveliness was seen through a fug of tiredness though as our littlest man has been very busy...
Going from crawling to cruising and also teething very hard. Tooth number three is here and number 4 is causing him great trouble so our nights have been very disturbed.

Here are a few other pictures I'd like to share...

a beautiful duplo flower made by Rebe, this has pride of place on our table. I am so in awe of how this girl can create with duplo!

This is Benny's invention...not quite as beautiful as Rebe's but more functional... a snotter catcher. Simply stick some sellotape over your nose and tissues and nose wiping can be a thing of the past!

He has also been wearing a skirt for dancing, to experience 'the twirl'. I too think it's unfair if only girls get to twirl! Benny is growing up so quickly, he's now completely nappy free having decided he doesn't need them at nights anymore.

We've been playing 'Beetle' a lot in the evenings. All you need is your chart, some paper and pens and a dice. Here is our chart, you need to roll a 6 to get a body, a 5 for a head, 4 for each leg, 3 eye, 2 antenae, 1 mouth.
It's so fun to see how the beetles come out...

hmmm, not sure this is optimum playing position...

We've lots of plans for Ostara today which I'm sure I'll share with you soon.

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