Friday, March 25, 2011

A rare sighting...

Yesterday, for the first time ever, a very rare sight was seen here Under Rainbows... 'Lio', Rebe's imaginary friend! I can't believe I even managed to get a picture of him! Lio has been Rebe's friend for about 3 years now. He was around a lot up until about a year ago. He was the projection of what Rebe wanted to be: he could climb to the top of the tallest tree, he could jump off things really high up, he would tackle bullies. He is a little boy with yellow hair, his mum has brown skin and is called Fiona and is often pregnant. I know so much about this little boy but never 'met' him before. He is hardly around now. Rebe has grown into her body and her confidence in her self is great, so I guess in a way she's grown into him and doesn't need him in the same way anymore. Still it was a special treat to meet him :-)

The weather has been so warm and lovely that all our afternoon are spent outside, in the garden, on the beach or in the woods.
Look sandals!! :-)
Joa had his first explore (and taste) of the beach...
swishing his hands through the sand

delighting in the new smells, tastes and textures (look at those massive top teeth, no wonder he was cranky!)

playing a very deliberate game of placing handfuls of sand on my leg. It's always so thrilling watching the children discovering something for the first time. One of the special things about parenthood.

Yesterday Rebe made this hobby horse, pretty much all by herself...
She and Benny were fighting over the one we had so I suggested she made her own. I got her an old sock of Andy's and an old mop handle and some stuffing. I helped where required and requested but it is very much her own horse....and she loves him!

I think he's pretty cool! And boy can he gallop fast :-)
Wow it's been a busy week here, and we have quite a full weekend ahead, but all lovely plans and nothing too taxing and lots of crafting. I'm working on 2 dolls I have on order and a wee rainbow cardi for a friends new babe.
Did you have an imaginary friend when you were little?


  1. Oh Laura, Ella had a whole host of imaginary friends from age 3 to 7- her "lion friends." They were also the projection of all the fabulousness she wanted for herself- they were SO brave! She drew many pictures of them.
    I love this post - SANDALS! We are a ways away from that yet. I love yours.
    Have a great weekend, Laura! <3

  2. Sweet! Looks a bit like Lola's (from Charlie and Lola) imaginary friend!

    Just found this sweet site
    And that Magic Onions do a nature Table link up on a Friday- that'd be a good place to get more people your way...

  3. Hi laangel! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leave a comment :)

    My son used to have an imaginary friend as well, but it didn't last long, and I've never actually heard anyone else say their child had/has one too, though I know it's normal. It's just nice to hear that others have them too :)

    I'm a bit jealous of your wearing sandals and being in the sand, as we are still buried under snow here. Love the picture of your son eating the sand!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Have shared your gorgeous needle felted jacket on my Sunday Surf Link Up - hope it brings you more readers xx

  5. The first thing I love about this photo is that the "imaginary friend" is more clear and lucid in your shot than your dear little Rebe. Hmmm...
    My neice had two imaginary friends named "Tuna" and "Gengha" while she lived in her old house. It was over a hundred years old and her play with her two friends was so real and sweet, I believed it! She told me they appear from a cabinet door. The funny thing was, the house was once a Chinese laundry cafe at the turn of the last century. Maybe children see more than we do...maybe they are in tune with more than we are. Maybe.
    xo Jules

  6. wow Jules, that's a bit odd! I do think that kids are more in tune than us, you're right.
    sunshine, nice to 'meet' you :-)
    A friend of mine at school had an imaginary friend who was a frog called 'Dudey Lemon'. That has always stuck with me! Lucy, thanks for the links x

  7. I have just been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award - and, fully aware this might not be "your sort of thing", get to award it on. So here it is from me to you, to recognise that I love your work.