Tuesday, March 8, 2011

she's home!

"Then as he came bounding into the yard Orvie leaped off the porch shouting, 'Scamp! Scamp! It's ole Scamper! Scamp's come home!'
In a wild rough and tumble greeting the boy and the dog went sprawling into the grass."

This is a quote from one of our favourite books The Whingdingdilly by Bill Peet. I am reminded of it everytime Rebe gets home from school where she is greeted like this...

Poor thing is too missed by Benny. He greets her like this when he comes to the school gate as well. They more often than not end up on the floor with Benny holding her in a vice grip shouting 'huggy huggy huggy'. I think she likes being missed so much, although I'm sure she wishes it were a little gentler :-)

I want to show you these wee breeks (scottish for trousers) that I made for Benny last night. They are a clothkit that I got for Christmas from my mum. Basically you get a big sheet of fabric with the pattern drawn on it, you cut around the appropriate lines, sew in the appropriate places, iron a seam here, add a pocket there and wow in half an hour or so you have really funky pair of breeks!

Benny's pleased with them, especially as they have a BIG pocket, big enough for Lambie!
He's got a bit of a cold at the moment and so I decided that it was time Benny have his own tissue bag.

Rebe has had her one for nearly 3 years now. She wears it all the time when she has a cold and she now has it in her school bag everyday. It is a little felt pouch that I decorated and fastens with a snap fasten.

Inside are little tissues. It really encourages them to wipe their noses more hygienically and cuts down massively on my sleeve washing ;-)
It's gorgeous here today, and also pancake day so I better go and get my jobs done while Joa is napping so we can enjoy the rest of the day. Hope you have good one x


  1. Their is nothing as sweet as sibling love - ahhhh! Those moments are so heartwarming as a parent and more than make up for the squabbles and fights. Love your idea for a tissue bag too - might come in handy here now as we are just moving into cold and flu season.

  2. Another great idea (tissue bag), another great creation (trewsies). go Laura xx

  3. Ohh my, that first pic is just so gorgeous :)
    I love the little tissue bag and those fab breeks, I better go and practice my sewing skills lol.
    Have to say I do really enjoy your blog, thank you for sharing :)
    Sue x

  4. Wow - I remember clothkits from when my first child was born - erm - 31 years ago. They look great - I love the fringy look on the trouser bottoms.
    Was that Rebe winning a prize in Juno? Lovely picture. xxx

  5. Hi Lou, nice to hear from you. I would recommend the tissue bag, it really has encouraged mine to wipe their noses properly. Also it's a simple enough thing to craft...perhaps I will do a tutorial?
    Thanks Lucy x
    Sue, you are very sweet, thank you. Clothkits are great for novice sewers like me, and the instructions are written in a funny way, funny ha ha not funny what?!?!
    Yes Jacqui, she is so delighted! We've not seen the mag yet, we're awaiting it in the post, so I'll do a wee bloggy post about it then no doubt...Actually I dreamt that I won the lottery and came to visit you at your croft the other day...so if my numbers come up you'd better watch out!! :-)

  6. I love the tissue bag idea! And that is such a sweet way to be welcomed home. I bet Rebe is going to remember that even when they are grown!